Redhill introduces its Lancers Programme providing 360-degree communications support to select early-stage Startups

01 Dec 2022

The agency will partner with selected early-stage ventures, making strategic investments in these companies and providing advisory services in the form of bespoke end-to-end integrated communications services. 

SINGAPORE, 1 December 2022Redhill, the Singapore-headquartered full-service global communications agency, has today introduced its Redhill Lancers Programme aimed at helping nurture the growth of high-potential, early-stage companies that recognise the importance of public relations (PR) and marketing to their business’ success. Through Redhill’s integrated ecosystem, the agency will provide 360-degree communications support to early and growth-stage startups that’s aimed at helping them raise investor capital, network with strategic partners, and create sustainable businesses.

Through the Redhill Lancers programme, the agency will make strategic investments in companies that focuses on solving critical real-world problems and with significant growth potential that may have limited budgets but realise the inherent value of communications. A total of 10 selected startups will gain access to Redhill’s full suite of PR and marketing services including communications strategy, media relations, social media, video production, web development, content and research, design and branding, digital marketing, crisis communications, government affairs, and event management. Applicants are invited to share their proposals and they will be evaluated for their investment, business strategy, and growth potential.

“Our very first client was a venture capital firm. They had launched with a $10m debut fund, and needed strong strategic communications support, but had little budget to work with. Today, our first client is still with us and now  manages over $1b in assets. ​Many Startup companies we service today face similar challenges. Despite smaller budgets, we continue to see the opportunity that’s present in supporting these high potential companies.​”

“Many early-stage Startups focus a lot on their product and customers that they tend to overlook the communications aspect of the business. For customers and investors to trust them they need to have some level of credibility, and this is where PR plays a pivotal role in helping Startups build their brands and reputations to boost awareness, build credibility, and attract key stakeholders. Through the Redhill Lancers programme, our aim is to help nurture high-potential early-stage companies to navigate their growth journeys and to scale up quickly and sustainably through access to our global partner ecosystem and advisory from Redhill’s executive leadership,” said Jacob Puthenparambil, CEO, Redhill.

To learn more about the Redhill Lancers programme and apply for it, visit: