Fat Belly

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To build brand awareness and increase followers and engagement on social media to drive reservations growth.

The Redhill Way

REDHILL audited the brand's presence on both Instagram and Facebook, then developed an earned + paid strategy that focused on improving content and copywriting. An always-on Performance Marketing strategy - phased out across Traffic, Conversion, and Remarketing - served not only to amplify brand awareness but also to drive a sustained increase in the number of confirmed daily reservations for the restaurant. Organic partnerships with celebrity and micro KOLs helped boost reservation numbers during important campaign months.


• 3x increase in followers in less than a year with at least 10% of the growth coming from KOL engagements
• 13% avg. monthly follower growth rate
• 5% avg. monthly engagement rate

Website and Sales:
• Record sales on Valentine's Day weekend 2020 through Influencer and Performance Marketing
• $20-25 avg. cost per reservation
• 15% increase in avg. daily weekday reservations
• 35-40% of total reservations driven by Facebook advertising